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Got 5? ?

Of course you do, even if you’re launching a brand new business or slogging away at your existing one (while still trying to have a life and be around for your family), you can still find 5 minutes.

But what can you do in such a small amount of time? ?‍♀️

Make a coffee? ☕️  Return a text? ?  Send a quote? ?  Remember to drink now slightly cold coffee? ?‍♀️

How about grow your online business with fast, actionable, and tried-and-tested, easy-as-can-be advice?

Surely not. The business coaching world is full of 8 figure strategists rich off the back of business owners who believe they need to hustle hard and invest all their time and money to get their next big thing off the ground. Or just keep afloat.

Yeah, we were taught that too. That’s why we took all the business growth rule books and burnt them ??. With accelerant ?. So they went up in smoke quickly ?, because time is short and life is busy, and we want to be more productive with the time we’ve got.

And then we launched The 5 Minute Business: ?

5 minutes

5 minutes

5 days
a week

? from <$5
a week

5x your business

If you wish your online business was growing faster, if you’re starting out and want to get it right the first time, or you’re ready to take business to the next level, (maybe you just want a weekend off), but you’re stuck on exactly how to do that, The 5 Minute Business has you covered. With easy to understand advice that you can put into action in only 5 minutes a day, you’ll be hitting your goals and growing your business in no time.

“…the best help I’ve gotten in all the coaching programs I’ve done…”

“…concise, simple to understand, really enlightening me to the basics!”

“Life changing.”

This is business for a new breed of entrepreneur! ?‍?

I’d done too many courses, heard too many strategies for growth and was just overwhelmed with the right direction for MY business and MY goals. I wasted so much time with trying one strategy and then doing another that I just got so confused and overwhelmed and wanting to give up. After joining The 5 Minute Business, I’ve dramatically simplified my business to work around my own personal goals and convictions. Toni and Michael bring different strengths to the table and I love that. I’m grateful for how generous Toni is. She is always so willing to pour out and share her knowledge to help others move forward.

The 5 Minute Business is lifechanging. Don’t hesitate. Just dive in and implement everything they say!”

Shannon Kelly

CEO, The Cultured Kid

Have you been bombarded by $27 and $37 micro offers in your socials feed? It doesn’t seem like a lot of money to get your hands on some template promising an 8-figure launch, right? We’ve all purchased one. And then had no idea how (or if!) to implement the stuff inside. Or the content’s been utterly vague. Or irrelevant to our business. Or it needs massive customisation to work.

Or we’ve signed up for those business courses. You know the ones. They’re all $497, $997 or $1997, and you can do them at your own pace, and you get overwhelmed (or bored) after day 2 and then you forget to ever login again so they end up being a waste of money and time. Again, perhaps the content is too broad, perhaps it’s overwhelming, perhaps you tuned out when you saw all the 45 minute modules you had to get through or perhaps you’ve just got actual Important Life Stuff to get done, oh, and you’re short on time.

And when you’re learning… You’re. Not. Earning.

Not to toot our own horn (OK, there’s a bit of tooting going on), but The 5 Minute Business has chucked the traditional course formats we’re all used to, and come up with a way better one. Tried and tested and will only take you 5 minutes a day to implement. Bonus: if you get stuck guess what? You have 5 days a week access to us to ask all your questions. It’ll see your business kicking goals so quickly you’ll have to start setting new ones!

“…Having small tasks to complete provides the jumpstart I need daily. It keeps me thinking about my next step and focused on moving forward…”

Deena Bartel-Wagner

Owner and Founder, Slinga de Ink

“…I’ve been in high-level coaching groups and many, ohhhh so many courses, and I’ve already gained so much insight already in just a week!”

Karen Timmer

Wealth Strategy Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Karen Timmer

Got 5 minutes right now? ⏰

Join and get immediate access

Hustle less. Sell more. Do it fast and have a life.

The 5 Minute Business is for busy entrepreneurs (i.e. you!) who are tired of treading water. You’ve got a great product or service, you’ve established yourself or you have a great idea, maybe you’ve even got clients singing your praises, but you’re still feeling overwhelmed and you’re spending too much time mucking around in the weeds instead of streamlining and growing your business online.

It may sound a bit trite or cheesy to say that you can change your life in 5 minutes a day, but in this case it’s absolutely true. We don’t mess around. We send you practical, up-to-date, fully researched advice that’s simple to implement. If you get stuck, no problem, you have 5 day a week access to us. And – bonus – it’s actually fun; we don’t want you to get bored!

This course makes it super easy to: ?‍?

? Grow your business online

? Get answers to the questions you have

? Expand or streamline your offerings

? Use your time effectively

? Reach your ideal clients

? Make more money; and

? Connect with other entrepreneurs in an incredible community
(think the best office you could imagine, only accessible at the touch of a button)

It works like this:

5 days a week we’ll deliver a 5 minute video you can watch whenever suits you best. That video will give you practical instructions and an action that you can implement in 5 minutes. If you have a question, you can pop into our private group and ask – 5 days a week.

Easy, right? You don’t have to dig deep for motivation or fret about complex software or spend hours working out how to apply wishy-washy advice to your specific business. You simply watch, do, and grow!

“…The way you guys do it means I can jump in and jump out, which I do. The things I need right now I jump in on, the things I don’t need I skip, but I’m OK with that and it works for me. Because they’re 5 minute chunks it’s not like I’m behind on a 2 hour module with no way to catch up!

And no matter when I jump in, I find the same enthusiastic, positive, encouraging duo who give me a supercharged golden 5 minutes…”

Lisa Pointin

Money Mindset Mentor & Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

“I love that you can pick up where you left off. Absolutely love the content and how it’s presented in bite size chunks…”

Susan Routledge

Business Consultant

“…As someone who gets easily overwhelmed by things that are too much, this bite sized content is PERFECT for me… It’s so doable…”

Karen Timmer

Wealth Strategy Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Karen Timmer

We have you covered for everything you need to level up your business, starting as soon as you hit the ‘go’ button. You’ll have access to a 5 minute video each weekday, which will take you only 5 minutes to implement. You’ll also have exclusive access to our Facebook community where you can ask us questions and connect with other brilliant business folk. You’ll also receive weekly coaching calls from us, covering all sorts of things including marketing makeovers, extra tips to grow your business online tailored specifically to your needs, and answering any questions you might have. All that, plus your virtual assistant will have access to the daily videos so you’re fully supported by your team.

More money. Less hustle. 5 minutes.

The 5 Minute Business

$27 per month or pay annually and get 2 months free


Joining monthly? Cancel anytime. (But you won’t want to!)

“…they make business fun…” ?

The 5 Minute Business isn’t our first rodeo. But while we’ve always had successful online businesses, and we’ve always supported each other and worked together, The 5 Minute Business is really the first time we’ve joined our superpowers together in an official way to help entrepreneurs.

Behind the scenes, we’ve always been Michoni (that’s our flagship brand for 1:1 consulting) – Toni and Michael. Unofficially we’ve worked together for over a decade. When Toni’s business strategy consulting clients needed a new website, Michael would be brought in to help. If Toni’s private coaching clients needed tech help to up their marketing game or branding expertise, Michael would be on call. And when Michael had website development clients get stuck with marketing, strategy, copy, or structure, they’d need Toni. Together, we realised that even with all the marketing and business strategy work Toni was doing with her clients and all the tech and development advice Michael was giving his clients, if we worked together we could help clients streamline and set themselves up for more success – at the same time delivering them resources and recommendations for services and products we know will work.

In 2019, we stopped resisting the inevitable and officially launched Michoni, where we work 2:1 with private consulting clients to take their business to the next level. We also have an incredible team on tap – from marketing experts to graphic designers – everything an entrepreneur needs to outsource effectively and boost their brand, strategically and without risk.

But private consulting and coaching investment is high, and we knew that meant a lot of talented, highly skilled entrepreneurs with businesses that have massive potential wouldn’t be able to access what we have to offer until they’d become a lot more successful. Also, we had no more room on our dance card – Michoni has been fully booked out for over a year. Because we know we have what it takes to get entrepreneurs where they need to be, and we were tired of seeing talented business owners invest time, money, and hustle into online programs that simply don’t set them up for success, we knew we had to do something.

Something easy. Something that works. And works fast.

We’re renowned for translating the slow, complex, and overwhelming ‘mucky’ bits of business into fast, simple, and effective advice. Together we’ve done all the research, all the collaboration, and all the testing, so the easy bit is up to you – just 5 minutes of ‘doing’ each day for less than you spend on takeaway coffee.

You’re going to love The 5 Minute Business if you: ?

Are a busy entrepreneur who feels frustrated with business growth

Started a business for financial freedom and flexibility for life, not to chain yourself to a laptop and work yourself half to death

Know who you want to serve, know how to create content, but haven’t yet found the sweet spot in your messaging to attract just the right people

Know online is where it is, and want to either grow your business online or move your offline business into the space

Are ready to take action – as long as someone can quickly and easily tell you what that action is!

“I am so grateful for the two of you and your awesomeness.”

Cindy Wyckoff

Web Designer Extraordinaire, Design It Digital

“… I think they have a special gift – Toni the macro, she’s able to see you, hear what you are saying about your business, see whether it is aligned. And then Michael helps with some of the micro and tech execution. They have no judgement, they have walked in our shoes, and they’re organized, systematic, kind, and generous… With Toni and Michael, you never feel alone. They’ve got your back!”

Carmel D’Arienzo

Gratitude Coach

The 5 Minute Business is not for you if you: ?‍♀️

Would rather throw money at the problem and get someone experienced (and expensive) to spot the gaps and implement the changes, because you have zero time but extra funds to make growth happen

Already know everything there is to know about working less and earning more – you probably don’t need us!

Want to stick with bricks and mortar – this is all about growing your business online

Are already making 6+ figures in your online business all while living a perfectly balanced life

“I am a perfectionist. And overthink things. So I had analysis paralysis. I had lots of ideas that kept me up at night, but I wasn’t sure how to implement them and how to make consistent progress. Not having been in the business world, I also didn’t know where to start or where to focus my efforts. I didn’t have any systems/processes in place. And the bit-size chunks of 5 Minute Business helped to keep me focused and learn and be able to implement in a manageable way.

I had bought a lot of online business courses from a variety of “big names” in the online business world. Some courses I finished, some I didn’t. I didn’t need one more course that I could buy in some business area and then watch passively but not know how to implement in the overall scheme of things.

I joined The 5 Minute Business as a founding member and I have made progress on putting some systems in place in my business instead of just having an idea in my head. I love the guidance Toni and Michael provide and am so glad that I am part of their group and plan to be in their group long-term because of the value I get from it.

Do it. Join now. you won’t regret it because they will help you move forward, they will help you figure out what you need to do and they will be real about it.”

Anu Khanna PhD

College Professor and Strengths Coach

“I love the fact that Toni and Michael cover it all. Design, graphics, social media, marketing, and most importantly, the tech side of things. So many business groups refuse to cover any aspects of tech, always saying it detracts you from getting things done when you begin to focus on tech problems “just get it going”, nothing could be further from the truth. It is the tech that stops us from growing effectively and efficiently. I run a middle/large business and cannot hire a tech team so I have to do it all myself and it’s not worth hiring someone for the niggles/efficiencies. It takes longer to explain and set up passwords than to do it myself BUT I have to put in the research so Michael’s little pearls of wisdom are brilliant!”

Libby Jenkinson

MPS - Founder, Ditch The Carbs & Low-Carb Practitioners

“The support and energy that Toni and Michael bring to everything they do really stands out. I know whenever I have any interactions with them, it will be a positive one. I can see how much they care about what they do and the members in their groups. I really value their opinions and feedback because I know it is genuine and well thought through. Sometimes people don’t want to upset or discourage you or don’t know how to give constructive feedback… but not Toni and Michael. I trust that they will give me feedback that I can take action and that will make a difference!

Within The 5 Minute Business I attend the Mentoring Coaching Calls, when I can, and these work great for the support I need. Even when I don’t have a specific question, it is always great to attend as I always learn something or someone else asks a question that I need answering or didn’t even think of!

If you are serious about making changes in your business, moving forward and getting results… sign up now.”

Monique Basil-Wright

Designer & Creator, The Wright Stationery

Join monthly or annually – both will grow your business online

? The 5 Minute Business package includes ?

5 minute daily lessons

5 minute daily actions

5 days a week

From as little as $5 a week

The potential to boost your productivity by… well, you get the idea! ?

Bonuses! ? 



 Instant access to over 100 daily lessons so you can cherry pick what you want to learn first. Binge watch, Netflix style or scroll through and tackle one thing at a time, this is solid education at your fingertips – whenever you have 5 extra minutes.

Value: $100+




Join weekly mentoring and coaching calls where Toni and Michael answer all the questions too detailed for the Facebook group and help you move forward. Fast. They also offer 5 Minute Marketing Makeovers – actionable advice delivered during the weekly calls so you immediately and go implement it!

Value: $97 per month



Secure your coveted spot in the Little Black Book of Besties – a place for you to promote your business and connect with like-minded business owners when you need help. Plus access our comprehensive list of ‘Favourites’ – people and products we love and have done all the legwork to ensure they’ll help you be faster and more efficient.

Value: $197

Extra bonuses! ??



You have 24/7 access Members’ Only area where all our content is housed, so you can consume what you want to, when you want to. Whenever you have a spare 5 minutes!

Value: $47 per month



You’ll also have access to our brilliant Facebook group where you can connect with your new Business Besties and ask us quick questions.

Value: $47 per month



You’ll receive 50% off our 2:1 coaching packages and entry to any events that run during your membership.

Value: Your Sanity

that’s over $300/month value for

only $27 a month












Join annually and get extra extra bonuses! ???



2 months free! Because action takers deserve rewards.

Value: $67



Virtual Assistant access to the daily videos, so that they can support you in implementing your action taking. Outsourcing for the win!

Value: $257



1 x Done-For-You Business Bundle each month – including bundles like social media graphics, sales page templates, email swipe files – so you have the resources to take action faster!

Value: $47 per month

⚡️ Fast action bonus! ⚡️

First 24 hours only!








To reward fast action, there is one final bonus exclusively for those who sign up for the annual membership within the first 24 hours.

?‍? A 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Session with Toni valued at $375. ?‍?

That’s right, you will get something worth more than your initial investment, just for making the decision to take fast, decisive action and invest in your business.

that’s over $4,500 value for

$257 up front annual payment

Got 5? You can sign up and get access immediately

We guarantee you’ll love it ?

The 5 Minute Business actually works, and we think you’ll love it. To back that up we’re offering you 7 days to test it out. If it’s not for you? No worries! You’ll receive a full refund.


How do I access The 5 Minute Business?

Click to sign up. You’ll receive an email immediately with a link to a login with instant access. Then, we’ll deliver a video to watch every weekday for the life of your membership.

Isn’t there already a lot of advice online about online business growth?

Yes. And haven’t you already downloaded all the freebies, started a few courses, or invested some time and money in business coaching? Yet, you’re still here. The 5 Minute Business delivers something not available anywhere else – solid growth strategies we know work and we know you can implement in a super short amount of time for a super amazing set of outcomes.

For around $5 a week can you really help grow my business?

With our combined powers and 2 lifetimes, multiple successful businesses, and multiple successful consulting clients we know we can deliver what you need for a price that won’t blow your budget. It’s streamlined, specific, simple advice we’ve seen business owners need a million times over bundled up into carefully considered, bite-sized pieces of actionable content.

Basically, we’ve done ALL the hard work for you up to this point, you just need to take a quick action every weekday to put it all to good use.

How long does the course take?

The awesome thing is it’s not a course, it’s a membership so you can go at your own pace. For as long as you are a member every weekday, you’ll receive a 5 minute video to watch and then have a 5 minute action to take. Each piece of advice might mean you come up with new ideas you want to implement too, so start a list! We’ll teach you how to do things in consistent chunks, meaning you’re not spending weekends putting new concepts in place or trying to consume too much.

How long will I get access to the content?

If you’re a monthly member, you’ll get a video every weekday and you can cancel your membership whenever you like. We know you can find 5 minutes a day every weekday for the year so we’ve made the annual deal sweeter, so you can see rapid growth with minimal hustle over an extended period of time. Access the content anytime, right up until the day you cancel.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I have a refund?

We know if you’ve signed up for things in the past you’ve never implemented you might feel the drive to sometimes bow out when the going gets tough. Which is why we offer a 7 day guarantee. If it’s not for you, no worries, you can drop us an email and get a full refund. After that – you’re in and committed until you cancel.

I think I need more hands-on help than just 5 minutes a day.

No problem, we offer a range of premium business coaching and consulting services we know get you results at lightspeed. Drop us an email to hello@michoni.com and let us know what you need and we will find a way to serve you (or recommend you to someone else who can).

Got 5?

It’ll change your (business) life