How to run your membership in less than 5 hours a week!

A 100% pitch free workshop from someone who runs 2 memberships in under 5 hours each week. You can do it too!


Sound good?


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In this workshop I will be pulling back the curtains and uncovering all of the tips and tricks I learnt to make memberships low maintenance.

So whether you are just starting up your membership and want some set up secrets to make sure you are making it low maintenance from the outset, or you have an existing membership that you would like to streamline so you can free up more of your time this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for.

We’ll be covering:


Don’t let your membership dictate how you have to run your life or your business, design it to work into your life.


Stop doing the low value tasks that take up all your time, but add no value and start doing the things that help you grow.


You can never succeed in chaos. You need clear, proven systems that save your most precious resource, your time.


Don’t do it all alone.  Even if you’re just starting out and bootstrapping, you can build a team so you can scale faster.

PLUS I’ll be sharing some awesome resources (for FREE) for those who attend.

“…Wow! I learnt more during this session than what I did in a $20k mastermind.”

Sarah H.

Business Coach for Women


Our virtual venue has limited space, so first come, first served.  Once it’s full it’s full.

100% LIVE

Not a pre-recorded session pretending to be live. I’ll even answer your questions live.


There are no plans to run this workshop again, so if you’re interested this is your chance.


Los Angeles

Thursday, 25 June
2:00pm PDT

New York

Thursday, 25 June
5:00pm EDT


Thursday, 25 June
10:00pm BST


Friday, 26 June
7:00am AEST


Our virtual venue only has limited space, so it’s first come, first served!

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Are you feeling completely worn out trying to manage everything in your business? ?

Or maybe you’re just getting started in business and your brain is exploding thinking about how you’re going to manage everything? ?

You’ve heard that recurring revenue and memberships are the answer, but how on earth will you have the time to manage that on top of your existing business, or job, or family responsibilities (or all of the above)?

I get it.  I’ve been in your shoes.

I’m Toni Bache and I was working 80+ hours a week when I launched my first membership and the idea of having to fit it in made me vomit a little in my mouth… ?

Out of necessity I HAD to set up my membership in a low maintenance way. Over the years I have continued to streamline so now I run that same membership in under 2 hours/week.  My husband Michael and I have two other memberships that we have applied these same strategies and these both operate in under 5 hours/week.

We love our memberships and how well they fit into our lifestyle while still giving our members an amazing experience and help our 1:1 clients do their same in their business.

I’m fortunate because although necessity initially drove me to find a way to manage our memberships in a low maintenance way, I was able to do this because my superpower is making the complex simple, and I am a unique beast in that I am a ‘manager’ (most business owners are ‘artists’ or ‘entrepreneurs’ – you can google Tony Robbins Business Identity to learn more about your style). 

‘Managers’ are awesome at creating efficiency by optimizing business systems and processes and leveraging talented people. Which is exactly what you need to do to have a low maintenance membership.

Spaces are limited…


Here’s the best bit about this workshop…

It is 100% pitch free!

That’s right, no slimy sales tactic at the end.

When I was asked by an entrepreneur friend to run this workshop I immediately felt uncomfortable.

You see, I LOVE helping other busy entrepreneurs get more done in less time BUT I’m not a big fan of webinars where you follow the ‘perfect script’ to bridge people to a sale.  Not only are they a heck of a lot of work to prepare (and I’m too busy for that!), but they feel super inauthentic (which is not me).

The compromise was that I would do it my way!

So, sorry you won’t be getting a super slick sales pitch.  You’ll be getting me (Toni) real & raw.  I can’t promise you that it will be perfect, but I can promise you that it will be value packed.

You might be wondering what’s in it for me?

The simple answer is ‘what goes around comes around’.

We all have unique and special talents that should be shared with the world. I know if I give you my best, if I share value and if I deliver on my promise there’s a good chance that one day in the future when you or someone you know needs help in your business you’ll think of me.

“…I can’t believe how much value you gave for free. Thank you so much! What I learnt from you has completely transformed the way I look at my business.” 

Emily R.

Marketing Consultant

As a reminder…

This is:

 A value packed workshop for busy entrepreneurs

 Full of clear and simple strategies you can implement immediately

 Completely LIVE (I’ll even answer all your questions at the end)

 100% pitch free, there is NO sale at the end

This is not:

 A perfectly polished webinar

 Full of complicated strategies that you’ll need help to implement

 Pre-recorded content pretending to be live

 A bro-marketing tactic to sell to you at the end

Are you in yet?



Will there be a replay?

In short yes.

I did work hard to find a time zone that works for most people, but I get that it won’t work for everyone so I will have a replay available.

I would prefer if you attended live.  Not only is it WAY more engaging for me, but I know that if you don’t show up live the chances of you watching the replay is quite low. If you don’t watch the replay you won’t learn and if you don’t learn you won’t implement, so it’s a complete waste of your time.

So please only register if you can attend live or are serious about watching the replay.  We have limited spaces, so we want to make sure they are reserved for the people who are going to show up (live or replay) and take action.

To reward action takers the replay will only be available for a limited time and I am giving away something awesome at the end (for free) and you only get access if you join live or watch the replay.

I don’t see my time zone.

If you don’t see your time zone and want some help converting it?

I suggest going to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html you can then enter your location and one of the locations above to ensure you show up at the right time.

How long will it go for?

The content I have planned will go for ~30 minutes, but I plan to allow for questions so I anticipate it will go for 45-60 minutes.  That said, I will stay on the line as long as needed to ensure you get what you need from the workshop.